Candidates willing to work for 5 years in the village will get 10% MBBS quota

It cannot be denied that there is a huge shortage of doctors in rural areas as compared to cities.

In order to bridge this gap of doctor-patient in the village, the state government of Maharashtra has proposed to reserve 10% of MBBS and 20% of medical post-graduation seats.

This reservation or quota will be for such in-service doctors who wish to work in rural areas for five or seven years on their own will.

However, some strict rules are also associated with it. If a candidate availing the quota seat fails to work in the state-run hospitals after the completion of the course, he / she can be imprisoned for five years and even get his / her degree cancelled.

According to a Times of India report, the state cabinet has also approved its approval on this decision and a bill will be introduced in the legislature to make it a law.

The reserved seats will be available in the state and civic-run medical colleges as well as for those candidates who want to work for long hours in government centers.

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If you guess at the initial level, then about 450-500 MBBS seats can be placed under this quota, while for in-service MBBS candidates, 300 Seats could be there for Post graduate students.

Students taking quota will have to fill bonds

Dr. TP Lahane, Head of Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) said that it has been decided to ensure that we have adequate facilities for primary health centers and other rural health facilities in rural, hilly or remote areas Is a doctor.

Students seeking admission in these quota seats will have to sign a bond. If the student violates this bond after the completion of the course, then he can be sentenced to five years jail or his/her liscence could be cancelled.

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A senior official of the Medical Education Department said that a similar rule exists in the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune




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