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Well, We promised you that we will provide you free study materials for NEET 2020.

We took this mission one step forward and now we launched allen dlp papers section for NEET 2020.

As you know allen conducts its own test series for Distance learning & classroom students. In this page we are updating those papers for you.

As allen keep on conducting their tests, we will also keep this page updated for you all

Benifits of Allen DLP test paper download

You all know, Allen Career Institute is the one of the premier Institutes in NEET UG coachings.

Allen gives various options to NEET aspirants  like ALLEN DLP & Allen classroom courses.

Allen dlp test series paper are part of their Distance learning program course in which student can join a test series from the comfort of their home.

Allen DLP papers provides you amazing test series & it helps you in assessing your NEET UG Preparations.

Download Allen Minor Test Papers : Free mock test for NEET 2020

Download latest allen major & minor test paper in pdf for neet 2020

Need Help ; How to download these test papers

Below is the table for neet 2020 mock test free download. Exam date alongwith syllabus is mentioned within the table.

Enjoy free mock test for neet 2020ūüėä

S.No.Test DetailsQuestion PaperSolution
01Minor Test 1DownloadDownload
02Minor Test 2DownloadDownload
03Minor Test 3DownloadDownload
04Minor Test 4

Dated : 18 August 2019

05Minor Test 1 – AIIMS

Dated : 18 August 2019

06Minor Test 5

Dated : 1st September 2019

07Minor Test 6

Dated : 16th September 2019 

08Minor Test 7

Dated : 29 September 2019

09Minor Test 8

Dated : 6 October 2019

10Minor Test 2 – AIIMS

 Dated : 6 October 2019

11Minor Test 9

Dated : 20 October 2019

DownloadIncluded with Q. Paper link
12Minor Test 10

Dated : 3 November 2019

DownloadSolutions included in Q. paper
12Minor Test 11

Dated : 17 November 2019 

DownloadSolutions included in Q. paper
13Minor Test 12

Dated : 1st December 2019

DownloadSolutions included in Q. paper
14Minor Test 13

Dated : 15th December 2019

DownloadSolutions included in Q. paper
15Major Test 1: 29th December 2019 DownloadSolutions
16Major Test 1 ( Retest): 19 Jan 2020 DownloadSolutions
17Major Test 2 : 2nd Feb DownloadSolutions
18 allen major test papers download 2020 neet :Test 1 ( AIOT) : Full Syllabus : 9th Feb DownloadSolutions
19Major Test 2 ( AIOT) : 11th Syllabus : 17th Feb DownloadSolutions
20Major Test  : 12th syllabus : 1st March 2020 DownloadSolutions
21Major Test  : Full syllabus : 8th March 2020 DownloadSolutions
22Major Test  : Full syllabus : 15th March 2020 DownloadSolutions
23Major Test  : Full syllabus : 22nd March 2020  ( Held online due to Janta Curfew)DownloadSolutions
24Major Test  : Full syllabus : 29th March 2020  (Online)DownloadSolutions
25Major Test  : Full syllabus ( All India Open Test) РAllen : 19th April 2020  (Online)DownloadSolutions
26Major Test  : Full syllabus ( All India Open Test) РAllen : 26th April 2020  (Online)DownloadSolutions
27NEET UG MOCK РFull syllabus : 8th May  (Online)