Board Exam 2020- Most Effective Last Minute Exam Tips

Board Exam 2020- Most Effective Last Minute Exam Tips

Now last phase of the board examination has come, many students would be looking out for effective tips that will help in their revision.

The value of the board examination cannot be explained in words and for this very same reason, students work very hard to get a perfect score.

Even though the students study throughout the year but as time approaches the confidence tends to become lesser which to some extent affects the marks of the students.

Three things that happen to be of utter importance when it comes to board examination are


  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Stability

So lets’ have a look at some of the methods that solely and purely aims at improving the above-mentioned points.

Since this is the final lap, this method will help you in enhancing your memory and the entire syllabus will be like a reel when you would write your paper.

  1. So open any chapter of your NCERT book e.g. you opened chapter no. 5
  2. Now take a blank page and write the first heading of the chapter (chapter 5, heading 5.1). Properly read the content under every heading. Follow this procedure for the entire chapter.
  3. After finishing the first read of the chapter, thoroughly read the entire chapter with all the extra notes that you have and one thing that you must keep in mind is that you have to recall everything that is under a topic.
  4. Then again repeat the Heading-Recall method.
  5. Remember you do not have to rote learn the chapters, but rather understand what’s under the heading.
  6. If you apply this method 4-5 times for a chapter, you will be able to recall everything when you would be writing your paper.


NOTE: Do not waste your time in writing the content under every topic. Just practice the diagrams on a rough sheet and go through the examples mentioned under every topic. If you follow the H/R method holistically than you may be able to revise Science, Mathematics and Social Studies in 7 to 9 days similarly PCB and PCM stream students can also apply the same technique which may help them to revise the subjects 4 to 5 times before the final exam.

CONCENTRATION: Keeping your concentration level high for a continuous period of 3 hrs can be difficult. And this can only come with practice. So every week, practice 2-3 sample papers. Make sure you practice them in the same time slot as your board examination timings. Do not spend your time in just practicing the papers as you need to have enough time for the H/R method.

STABILITY: It is very important to understand the meaning of stability. In the first half an hour of the paper, a student’s mind is more stable and the writing speed is better and faster. But as time passes the brain gets alarmed of the time and thinks faster which ultimately leads to the error of question interpretation. As we know stability will come with practice. So, practicing the sample paper can be of great importance when it comes to stability and concentration.

These tips have been formulated by our experts and will have a great impact in these final days. So, make sure you do not ignore it.