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1. Some Basic concepts of chemistry

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry will cover points, for example, Importance of Chemistry, Nature of Matter, States of Matter, Classification of Matter, Properties of Matter and their Measurement, Physical and substance properties, Measurement of physical properties, The International System of units. Mass and weight, volume, Density, Temperature, Uncertainty in measurement, Scientific Notation, Significant Figures, Dimensional Analysis, Laws of Chemical Combination, Law of preservation of mass, Law of Definite extent, Law of different extent, Gay Lussac’s law of vaporous, Volumes, Avogadro Law, Dalton’s Atomic Theory, Atomic and Molecular mass, Atomic Mass, Average Atomic Mass, Molecular Mass, Formula Mass, Mole Concept and Molar Masses, Percentage Composition, Empirical Formula for Molecular Formula, Stoichiometry and Stoichiometric Calculations, Limiting Reagent and Reactions in Solutions.

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2. Atomic Structure

In this Chapter you will learn about atomic number, isotopes and isobars. Concept of shells and subshells, dual nature of matter and light, de Broglie’s relationship, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, concept of orbital, quantum numbers, shapes of s,p and d orbitals, rules for filling electrons in orbitals- Aufbau principle, Pauli exclusion principles and Hund’s rule, electronic configuration of atoms, stability of half filled and completely filled orbitals.

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3. Classification and Periodicity of Elements

In this chapter, you will learn trends in Periodic elements. History of the periodic table. And Important trends.

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