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PHY– Unit & measurement, Motion in straight line, Motion in plane, Laws of motion.

CHEM– Some basic concepts of chem, Structure of atom, classification of elements.

BIO– The living world, Biological classification, Plant kingdom, Animal kingdom, Morphology of flowering plants

PHY– Work, energy & power, System of particles & rotational motion, Gravitation.

CHEM– Chemical bonding & molecular structure, States of matter, Thermodynamics,

BIO– Anatomy of flowering plants, Cell-the unit of life, Biomolecules, Cell cycle & cell division.

PHY– Mechanical properties of solids, Mechanical properties of fluids, Thermal
properties of matter, Thermodynamics.

CHEM– Redox rxn, Hydrogen, s-block, p-block(Group-13 & 14).

BIO– Plant physiology

PHY– Kinetic theory, Oscillations, Waves.

CHEM– Organic chem- basic principles & techniques, Hdrocarbon, Environmental chem.


Class XIth  Full

PHY– Electric charges & fields, Electrostatic potential & capacitance, Current electricity.

CHEM– The solid state, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics.

BIO– Reproduction in organisms, Sexual reproduction in flowering plants, Human reproduction,
Reproductive health.

PHY- Moving charges & magnetism, Magnetism & matter, Emi, AC.

CHEM- Surface chem, General principles & processes of isolation of elements,
p-block(Group-15 to 18), d & f block.

BIO- Principles of inheritance and variations, Molecular basis of inheritance, Evolution.

PHY– EM wave, Ray optics & optical instrument, Wave optics.

CHEM– Coordination compound, Haloalkanes & haloarenes, Alcohol, phenol & ether,
Aldehydes,ketones & carboxylic acids.

BIO– Human health & disease, Strategies for enhancement in food production, Microbes in
human welfare, Biotech-principles & processes, Biotech & it’s applications.

PHY – Dual nature of radiation & matter, Atoms, Nuclei, Semiconductor Electronics.

CHEM – Amines, Biomolecules, Polymers, Chem in everyday life.

BIO- Ecology.

Class XII Complete

complete syllabus

complete syllabus

complete syllabus

complete syllabus

complete syllabus

complete syllabus

complete syllabus

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