How to Download Allen Minor Test Papers from ? Step by Step

Many of our allaboutnotes users complaint to us regarding downloading of test papers from allaboutnotes platform.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing about this issue in detail.

Step 1

Select the minor test you want to download.

Step 2

Add that test paper to your cart.


Step 3

Now click on view cart so that you can access your product

Step 4

Complete your billing information, and place your order. Its free!

Step 5

Now click proceed to checkout

Step 6

Now you can access the test papers for free.

Why allaboutnotes added add to cart feature for test papers and chapterwise notes?

Earlier we used to link the PDF file to a Google Drive URL but we noticed some bots and unauthorised traffic accessing our website’s content.

To prevent that, We are now verifying each and every user who is accesing our platform. So that we can prevent invalid ad Impressions

which can harm advertisers who are bidding on our website.



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