How to study chemistry for NEET and AIIMS?

How to study chemistry for NEET and AIIMS?


For medical students who study chemistry for NEET and AIIMS, find this subject as a moderate one. They rate this subject as neither too hard nor too easy.

But the thing is; You still have to take this subject seriously because Chemistry it is most scoring subject after Biology for a medical student preparing for NEET and AIIMS.

Even I tackled this problem during my preparations days. Now, in this post, I will bring you some awesome strategies for How to study chemistry for NEET and AIIMS.

We all know there are three sections in your chemistry textbook. Named

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry

Let us talk about each section in brief because every section has its unique implementations.

Firstly let’s talk about Physical Chemistry. I call it as the sister of Physics.

1.How to study Physical Chemistry for NEET & AIIMS ?

Physical Chemistry is almost similar to NEET Physics but on an easier side. (for most of us ). The strategy to study Physical chemistry should be

  • Talking lectures from your teacher. ( Coaching / School or anyone who knows the subject ).  [ If its not possible try to take a lecture from youtube itself]. Talking lectures will make your concepts crystal clear.

Find a good teacher that will keep the game fun. Work hard and don’t be afraid to have success or disappointment. That is what NEET preparations are all about.

  • After you understood the concepts of your teacher. Now, Take out your bible  ( NCERT Textbook ) Start reading NCERT, Try to connect your concepts that learnt from your teacher with your textbook. Marks the important points. You can also download chemistry notes from which are available for free. After you are done with the chapter reading. Now solve NCERT Textbook exercises and intext questions. 
  • Let us assume you are done with the reading portion. Now comes the most important things to do in physical chemistry part.  PROBLEM-SOLVING.
  • You can start solving questions from your coaching modules ( Allen, Akaash etc. ) or you can buy some recommended books

  • Make a schedule and solve each and every question from your module. Remember, this is the first and last time you are solving this module thoroughly. During your last days of preparation, you won’t have much time to go through the module again. So, take that seriously. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any doubts from your teachers. Ask your doubts until you are cleared with it!

Believe me, if you solved your NCERT and module and completed reading NCERT.  Physical chemistry will be a cake run for you.

2. How to study Inorganic Chemistry ?

The inorganic part is more like cramming. They mostly have zero logic. You just have to cram all the data & orders. However, In the chapters like chemical bonding you have to learn some concepts to solve the questions. Chemical bonding is your base for Inorganic chemistry. So, take that chapter seriously for sure.

Now let’s talk about How how should you approach inorganic chemistry.

  • First of all understand the concepts in the classroom. However, there are not many concepts but yes there are some which you must understand.
  • Then take out your NCERT. Take a pen and paper and start writing important points and Orders ( eg. I.E trends, Atomic radii, Electronegativity, Basicity, Acidity orders etc ). We already have a collection of inorganic short notes. Which will save your time and energy. You can download it for free!
  • We also have some recommended books for you in inorganic chemistry.

  • Now Start cramming. Make pneumonics! which will make your task easier. Don’t leave any point from NCERT. These are the ones which will actually come in the exam. You can leave any extra point apart from NCERT in the Inorganic Chemistry. NCERT is more than enough in the inorganic part.

BONUS TIP: After studying a chapter from inorganic chemistry once. Revise it again before few days of exam. Because most of the points in the inorganic chemistry are factual. So you must revise it before the exam.

3. How to study Organic Chemistry ?

Now, there are two categories of students reading this blog. One who will love Organic and One who will face Oragnicophobia ( They will hate this section ). For both of them here is a point that Organic chemistry has concepts. You have to cram lesser than inorganic chemistry. Yet Questions from organic take no more than 20 seconds to get solved.

In Organic chemistry, you have to think less, learn less yet you will get answers very quickly ( If you learned name reactions and other concepts in a clear manner )

Before going forward Download this PDF File:

  1. Every Organic reagent at one place ( It has every Organic reagent in a single place so that you don’t have to turn pages of NCERT again and again )
  2. Every Organic Name Reactions at one place ( Has a PDF File where every Name reaction is written on a single place )

Now, How should you start Organic chemistry?

  • First of all take the lecture in your coaching, classes etc. The teacher has a very important role in Organic chemistry. It is highly recommended that you follow what your teacher says especially in organic chemistry portion.
  • Lets us assume you took a lecture and now you understand the concepts of Organic chemistry.
  • Now Open your NCERT textbook and start reading the chapter. Try to match the concepts told by your teacher with the textbook. After you get a pace you will automatically start loving Organic Chemistry.
  • It is highly advisable that you must download organic chemistry short notes for free from our site. It will save you time and energy.
  • Now open your coaching module and start solving the questions. Also, pay attention to NCERT intext and exercise questions. You can buy our recommended book for Organic chemistry from as well.

  • At the end complete previous years questions and boom! You are now ready for your exam…

Repeat all of these strategies to each and every chapter. …..

Revision is the key, So always use short notes for that.

Solve NEET Mock papers ( We have it for you. Download for free )………….

After all these hard work. … Leave it to God. They will surely help you

Thanks for reading out.

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