How to study physics for NEET/AIIMS

How to study physics for NEET/AIIMS
physics for NEETAIIMS

How to study physics for NEET/AIIMS

Before getting to the strategies. Let me make you clear that the level of NEET Physics lies b/w easy to moderate level in most cases.

So, make it clear that examiner will ask you mostly simple questions only.

Now lets talk about those, who are not able to solve these simple questions as well!

For them I have a thoroughly written post(  strategy) for you.

The Strategy is Simple :- The Most Important Thing for Physics is that You continue Looking at the Notes from your Coaching which are made only by experts.

Make sure that whenever you read a physics chapter. You must make your concepts clear.

Furthermore, After you Get a Good Grip on the Concepts,

The Trick is to reduce the time required to do each question in Physics and this you can possibly do when you had polished the topic before.

Physics is all about questions solving. Practice and only practice can improve your physics. Give more time in solving exercises rather than chapter reading

Three kinds of questions in NEET/AIIMS Physics :

1. The First Category originates from Previous years NEET/AIIMS Paper, sometimes exact same, sometimes with changed values.

2. Second, It could come up from your coaching/reference book directly

3. The Third being the Hardest or somewhat b/w moderate and hard. Mixed from Previous Years JEE Advanced/IIT-JEE Papers.

Focus only on previous years and your reference book (coaching module/renowned author).

Wrap up the Previous NEET Questions from Physics which are fundamental stepping tool for you to get to 70– 80 % in the Subject.

After previous years and module solving, Practice Your Coaching’s Major Test Papers which will additionally improve your grasp on each topic.

Some of the very important physics questions are covered in your tests. So never neglect that for sure!


Finally, Practice from Previous Years JEE Mains and Advanced Papers ( For AIIMS) up to 2019 from which about 10– 15 Questions will come straight forward From Mains Exam. This will Take your score to Above 130+ Guaranteed.

With these method, An Average Student can get good marks in NEET physics for sure.


Now I am sharing some points apart from Study

My very first tip will be ‘Do not join more than one classroom courses at a time. Some students think they can join one more tution to cope up their weakness.

But dude!

You will improve with yout self study. Coachings didn’t have much role in it.

For theoretical part:

  • NCERT is more than enough. Peruse the chapters 1-2 multiple times and you will have a decent comprehension of the ideas.
  • Solve Objective Questions of  any Coaching’s module for better understanding.

For numerical part:


  • Solve every single question/problem given by your coaching(or school) you have joined.
  • Do not leave any point of any of the chapter believing them to be simple.
  • You can take Aakash or Allen (Physics) test to challenge your preparations..
  • If you are not good at physics, Do not waste your time on some JEE ADVANCED books because such questions are too difficult for NEET students. However, you can solve it for your AIIMS Exam.
  • As you complete off with every section make a note of all it’s equations. Make short notes. ( gives it for free, Download from menu above) 
  • Never quit rehearsing numericals. Make sure you are in flow!
  • Entertainment is also important. Take a break for recreation and restart again.

Best of luck for your preparation.

Hope it helps:)

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