Is it possible to conduct NEET exam in August

Is it possible to conduct NEET exam in August

In this tough time where country is struggling to conquer the 2nd wave of COVID, a genuine question comes in NEET aspirant’s mind that

Is it possible to conduct NEET UG August? or Will NEET 2021 will again get postponed?

Let’s discuss this in detail

Current Situation

At the time of publishing this article, India is getting more than 3 lakh confirmed Corona cases on a daily basis

There’s a serious scarcity of hospital beds and medical oxygen across the country. Many states have imposed an acute lockdown to manage the overloading of health infrastructure.

Experts believe that the situation is only going to get more complex by each passing day.

That is the reason why Many state government and CBSE has already postponed their 12th board examination.

Logical View on NEET 2021 Examination

Our previous year analysis shows ; NTA gives a window of 1 month after board exam on for 12 students, So that they can prepare for nation wide competitive exam.

As of now board exam has been postponed, New dates will be decided after analysis of the current COVID situation on 1st May 2021.

According to previous datesheet

04.05.2021001 English Elective
301 English Core
18.05.2021043 Chemistry
24.05.2021044 Biology
31.05.2021041 Mathematics
840 Applied Mathematics
08.06.2021042 Physics
625 Applied Physics


You can see the last exam for a NEET aspirant was on 8th June 2021.

Currently the tentative date for NEET 2021 is 1st August 2021.

It means, if we consider 15-20 days postponement of CBSE board examination even then there is a window b/w board and NEET exam.

So, we believe if situation doesn’t worsen, We will not see any delay in NEET 2021. However, if this covid pandemic doesn’t got under control, We can expect postponement of NEET UG 2021.

Will NEET 2021 be difficult?

No, NTA has communicated several times that they want this catching culture to end. Plus, our country is facing tough time ; Courtesy : Corona virus.

School & coaching Institutions are severely affected due to this,

Therefore, NTA won’t take any chance in such time. You should be ready for a very easy paper and a higher cutoff, as seen in 2020.

Last 3 month strategy for NEET

The first and foremost thing to begin with

NEET Exam 2021

 preparation is to understand the syllabus. The word “syllabus” doesn’t end with knowing the name of the topics and chapters, but you should have a detailed view of the weightage for each topic. By having a clear understanding of the weightage, you can devise a study plan, prioritize the certain topics and allocate time optimally.

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