JEE Main 2021: Common Mistakes To Avoid In Exam

JEE Main 2021: Common Mistakes To Avoid In Exam

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE Main 2021) is just few hours  away for the students aspiring to pursue BTech courses in the participating institutions including the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). The students must aim to score the qualifying marks in the exam to ensure admission into different institutes. Though, in spite of all the hard work in the exams, the students may end up committing some silly errors in the paper that could cost them a seat in the college


Mistake 1: Lack of time management

JEE Main Paper 1 will be a three-hour long paper with a total of 90 questions. The BTech candidates must divide their time properly among each section Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics so that they don’t end up leaving out the questions due to lack of time. They must focus on answering those questions which have a higher marking and about which they are confident. Avoid spending a lot of time on each section.


Mistake 2: Not reading the question paper properly

This year the JEE Main paper pattern will be changed providing multiple in-question options to the students to help them choose the question which they would be more comfortable with. JEE Main candidates must properly understand the choices in the paper and then attempt the question. Wise use of the options can help increase the JEE Main score.


Mistake 3: Answer questions in hasty manner

There might be similar looking questions in the paper or the questions provided in the JEE Main sample papers might be asked in a different way than in the actual paper. Instead of relying on their gut feeling, the candidate must thoroughly understand the question and then only try to answer it.


Mistake 4: Not reading options carefully

Each question will be accompanied by four different options. The candidates must read the options carefully and then darken out the right option in the OMR sheet. There are chances that two similarly-looking options will be given for a particular multiple choice question (MCQ) and the JEE Main candidate may mark out the wrong option.


Mistake 5: Wasting time on each question

In case, there are certain questions that the candidates are unsure of or they are unable to solve in spite of knowing the method, they must avoid wasting a lot of time on them and move on to the next question. Try attempting the left-out questions towards the end of the exam.


Mistake 6: Being unaware of syllabus or exam pattern

The students must read the JEE Main syllabus and JEE Main exam pattern properly to avoid missing out on any concept. The NTA had released the exam pattern and syllabus on its website The students must read them to understand which portions will be holding more value in the exam.


Mistake 7: Panicking during the exam

It is normal for the JEE Main candidates to get stressed out during the exam or before the exam. The key is to handle the stress properly and not let the question paper overwhelm them. They must prepare themselves for any tricky situation where they might not know the correct answer to a question.


Mistake 8: Taking the JEE Main first attempt lightly

This year the JEE Main exam will be taking place in four attempts. The BTech students will be getting four opportunities to try to clear the national-level entrance exam. They must not take this first attempt lightly thinking to cover up in the next attempts. The May attempt will be falling in between the CBSE board exams and the March and April exams may be punctuated with the board practical exams, hence, try attempting to clear the JEE Main paper in the February session itself.


Mistake 9: Not revising the JEE Main paper

The candidates must leave out a few minutes at the end of the exam to revise the paper. They must look out for any left-over question in the paper and see if they have properly darkened out the correct option in the OMR sheet.


Mistake 10: Choosing wrong section to begin the paper

The JEE Main candidates are often advised to begin their paper with the Chemistry section but it is upon the candidates to formulate their own JEE main exam strategy. They must pick up that section out of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) about which they are confident. The JEE Main candidates must scan the question paper to understand the difficulty level of the paper and then make an informed decision. Sometimes the candidates may end up spending more time on a difficult section and not able to give optimum time to other sections.