Last month strategy for NEET 2020 | These Tips will help you

Last month strategy for NEET 2020 | These Tips will help you

In the last month of your NEET 2020 Preparations, Its now the time for you to accelerate at your full pace.

Last month is all about how smartly you handle the things.

The main focus is to revise the things smartly in last one month, for that you have to be discipline and should follow a smart schedule

As most of the students just make a mess out of their schedule due to stress in the last one month which is major factor that they are not able to perform well as they should

Also, This is the time when students fear the most. Their mind gets compiled with numerous uncertainty about the exam and results.

The mixed feelings of enthusiasm and excitement while filling up the NEET 2020 application form must have now turned into a nervous feeling as NEET 2020 is just a month away.


What is the best method to prepare for NEET in the last month ?

In this article, we have covered this topic in detail. Here are some tips for you

TIP 1 : Read, Revise, Repeat

After all of the burning hours and sincere hard work is ineffective without revision.

Reread, rewrite and rework till concepts become solid. No matter how strong memory you have!

To ensure that you remember all the facts, concepts and formulas in the exam, you must revise them.

You should make a schedule to revise all the twoce at least twice in in the last month of NEET.

TIP 2 : Practice to Perfection

This is an important NEET 2020 preparation tip for the time when you must have covered almost all the syllabus.

Now it’s time for practice,

Choose 45-50 random MCQ questions (as per NEET exam pattern) from that chapter/topic/unit (of physics & Chemistry) and solve them in 45 minutes.

For biology, make set of 90 questions and solve them in a set time.

Solve as many NEET sample papers & NEET Previous year papers as you can. Previous years question papers and mock tests will not only increase your accuracy but will also increase your confidence.

Additionally, it will also give you a real sense of the exam pattern.

TIP :3 Keep Faith and Stay Focused

Believe in yourself! Believe in your dedication & all of the hours that you have burnt for the exam.

Your hard work will definitely pay you. Further, it will also help you stay confident and perform well in the exam.

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. ~ Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

Don’t get scared if you couldn’t cover some topics.

Logically! you cannot even start a new topic a month before NEET 2020. So, rather than running behind leftover topics. Just focus on the topics you have studied and revise them efficiently.

TIP 4 : Go through Class Teachings

Through years of experience, teachers get a fair idea of what can be asked in the exam. It’s important to trust their instincts and follow their instructions.

If you have taken coaching for NEET 2020 preparation, the coaching centre must have provided you with the notes and study packages.

Make sure you go through the notes prepared by the teachers thoroughly, As these cover most of the important topics.

Stay distressed and confident while preparing for NEET 2020 in the last month. Your hard work will definitely pay you off.

Allaboutnotes team wishes you best of luck for your NEET 2020 preparation and the exam!