How many marks are required to clear the NEET exam?

If you are a NEET aspirant,

One question that must have popped up in your mind at least once while preparing for NEET is What is Minimum marks required in neet to get a Government medical college? 

In a true sense,

This is a very complex question. No one can answer this question with a certain pin point answer.

Because it depends.

Minimum Marks required to get a government medical college in NEET depends on numerous factors like

  • Toughness of the exam.
  • Number of students appeared on NEET exam day in that particular year.
  • Your state of eligibility ( NEET Cutoffs tend to stay on higher side in northern parts of India )
  • Your Category


Although cutoffs are not fixed. As It changes every year. But we believe, 

You must at least have an idea about minimum marks required in NEET for MBBS seat.


We wrote a detailed article on this topic.This article is based on previous year trends and data analysis ( shown in infographics )

Minimum marks required in NEET for MBBS in government college :

Every year  (after NEET results), 

NEET exam authority releases the minimum qualifying percentile and marks for NEET.

This minimum qualifying marks sets the benchmark. 

It means all the candidates above this mark are eligible to get admission in Government MBBS college.

Candidates who score above minimum marks are eligible to take private MBBS college or pursue MBBS abroad.

Note : It is not guaranteed that scoring above minimum qualifying percentile will fetch you a government MBBS seat.

Here’s the minimum qualifying marks for NEET 2019.

CategoryCutoff percentileScoreNo. of Candidates
General50701 – 134704335
OBC/SC/ST40133 – 10790243
PH (Unreserved)45133 – 120266
PH (OBC/SC/ST)40109-107388

Again, we would like to make it clear that these are only NEET qualifying marks. 

This doesn’t show minimum marks required in neet for mbbs in government college.

For that we would like to show you the NEET 2020 cutoffs.

NEET cutoffs represents,

the last person who got admission in the Government Medical college ( in his category ).

If you have an idea about the NEET Counselling process. You would know that there are two types of counselling after the NEET Exam.

  • All India Quota counselling (Done via MCC website )
  • State quota counselling (Done via respective state authorities)

In this post we have covered minimum marks required in neet for mbbs via All India Quota.

Category NEET 2019 Cutoff ( All India Quota)
General581 marks

It means,

Minimum marks required for general quota candidates was 581 marks for 15% All India quota.

In addition to it, 62 was the cutt-off rank for Maulana Azad medical college with 662 marks in AIQ.

Minimum marks required in neet for mbbs for OBC, SC & ST are lower than that of general category.

Few previous year data for you to analyse variation of cutoff marks. 


Category NEET 2018 Cutoff ( All India Quota)
General555 marks


Category NEET 2017 Cutoff ( All India Quota)
General572 marks

Cutoff marks Required in NEET? – Via state quota

Every state has 85% reserved seat for their domicile students. 

It simply means, Out of 100 MBBS seats of a state 85 seats are reserved for State Candidates and remaining 15 seats are open for other state candidates.

So, state quota varies from state to state. It tends to be on a higher side in northern states and it is relatively lesser in Southern part of India.

Cutoff marks for some states are mentioned below :

StateCutoff marks ( General Quota)
Delhi618 marks
Bihar599 marks
Rajasthan601 marks
Haryana604 marks

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Minimum marks required in neet for SC candidates

SC category student needs to score 40th percentile in NEET. So they can qualify to get admission in government medical colleges.

Cutoff marks can vary b/w  440 to 480 marks though All India Quota

Minimum marks required in neet for OBC candidates

OBC category students also need 40th percentile score for NEET.

Cutoff marks for All India quota can be anything b/w 550-600 marks.

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