Want to download NTA Abhyas test papers for NEET 2022 ? (120+ Papers :Download now )

NTA Abhyas Test paper PDF brought to you by allaboutnotes is one of the best way to check your NEET preparations. It directly comes from the exam conducting body NTA, hence you can trust on the quality of questions provided to you it the paper.

Our team coverts all the questions in NTA Abhyas app to a printable PDF form.

We are adding a new paper on every alternate day. You may download NTA Abhyas test papers individually or you can download it as a bundle.

Bundle NameDownload Link
NEET 2022, 2021, 2020 NTA Abhyas (answer key and explanations) bundle [120+ papers]Download

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Question Paper (Target NEET 2022 ) : FreeAnswer Key with explanations (Paid : ₹9/each) [ Click to see Demo Answer key ]
NTA Abhyas TEST 116Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 115Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 114Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 113Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 112Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 111Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 110 Download
NTA Abhyas TEST 109 Download
NTA Abhyas test 108 Download
NTA abhyas test 107Available on Sunday
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How to Download NTA Abhyas test papers ?

You can download NTA Abhyas test papers individually from the link given above. Question papers are accessible to everyone for free. Answer key with explanations are paid. You will be charged Rs. 9 per answer key if you buy it individually.

You might download it as a bundle which will be more affordable to you. Please refer to the bundle links for more details.

I have paid but I am not able to download my files, What to do?

Dont worry,

Once you have paid the amount you will receive a confirmation email from allaboutnotes. You can access your files by simply logging into your account from allaboutnotes.

We will be sending the download links in your email as well, So you can keep an eye on that as well. Sometimes it may take 30 minutes to reach your inbox.

If you are still facing issues, You might chat with our representative or simply email us your issue at info@allaboutnotes.com, Your issue will be resolved within few hours.

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