National Test Abhyas or  is an AI-powered mobile application that allows the student to attempt NTA mock papers for NEET & JEE Exams.

This app is developed by the exam conducting body i.e NTA itself, therefore the credibility of this app increases several-fold. Only drawback of this app is; that it doesn’t allow the user to download these test papers (PDF format) on their device.

Also, you are allowed to attempt a paper only once. That’s why allaboutnotes team recently started uploading national test abhyas mock test pdf. These PDF files are accessible to everyone for free

NTA Abhyas question paper PDF are available here. You will find all the National Testing Agency’s i.e., NTA Abhyas App Question Paper PDF. Now you can prepare all the questions which are asked in the NTA Abhyas Test Paper.

NTA Abhyas App Question Paper Free PDF Download

Download NTA Abhyas app full syllabus Q. Paper for NEET 2020. This is one of the best resource to prepare.

You can download it via bundles or indivisually


  • Free Mock Test for NEET 2020 by NTA (Download Individually)


Test NumberQuestion paperSolutions 



Answer key (With Explanations)



Answer key (With Explanations)




Answer key (With Explanations)

NEET TEST 50Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 49Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 48Answer key  
NEET TEST 47Answer key (With Explanations)  
NEET TEST 46Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 45Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 44Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 43Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 42Answer key (With Explanations) 
NEET TEST 41Answer key (With Explanations)
NEET TEST 40Answer key  
NEET TEST 39Answer key  
NEET TEST 38Answer key  
NEET TEST 37Answer key   
NEET TEST 36Answer key  
NEET TEST 35Answer key  
NEET TEST 34Answer key  
NEET TEST 33Answer key  
NEET TEST 32Answer key  
NEET TEST 31Answer key 
NEET TEST 30Answer key  
NEET TEST 29Answer key  
NEET TEST 28Answer key  
NEET TEST 27Answer key  
NEET TEST 26Answer key  
NEET TEST 25Answer key  
NEET TEST 24Answer key  
NEET TEST 23Answer key  
NEET TEST 22Answer key  
NEET TEST 21Answer key 
NEET TEST 20Answer key 
NEET TEST 19Answer key  
NEET TEST 18Answer key  
NEET TEST 17Answer key  
NEET TEST 16Answer key  
NEET TEST 15Answer key  
NEET TEST 14Answer key  
NEET TEST 13Answer key  
NEET TEST 12Answer key  
NEET TEST 11Answer key 
NEET TEST 10Answer key 
NEET TEST 9Answer key  
NEET TEST 8Answer key 
NEET TEST 7Answer key  
NEET TEST 6Answer key  
NEET TEST 5Answer key  
NEET TEST 4Answer key  
NEET TEST 3Answer key  
NEET TEST 2Answer key  

How to Access National Test Abhyas App?

Candidates can access National Test Abhyas through on Android devices. They need to open Google Play Store and search for ‘National Test Abhyas’. Once the name of the App/logo appears in the search list, candidates need to click install to download the App. Alternatively, candidates use the stepwise process given below to download the App.

1st Step – Click on the link National Test Abhyas App

2nd Step – Click on ‘Download the App’ button as shown in the image below

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3rd Step – Clicking on ‘Download the App’ will redirect you to National Test Abhyas App in Google Play Store

4th Step – Click on ‘Install’ button to download and install the App

5th Step – Sign Up by filling in the information asked, the signup window is shown in the image below

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6th Step – After ‘Sign Up’, you can access the test

How can I attempt a test on National Test Abhyas App?

A candidate can attempt a test by following the steps below.

1st Step – Open National Test Abhyas App and login using the username and password

2nd Step – A new window will open, click on the downward arrow to choose test

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />test-option

3rd Step – In the next window, click the download arrow to download the test

” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />Test Page

4th Step – After the test download, open the test, a set of instruction will appear, read the instruction and click ‘I am ready to begin’

5th Step – In the next step click ‘Open Setting’ and switch on Airplane Mode

6th Step – Now you can attempt the test

Download PCB Notes for NEET for free by allaboutnotes

National Test Abhyas App Testing Environment

The test environment for the National Test Abhyas App will be as shown in the image below. In the image, we have a screenshot of three windows. The first screenshot the question window, where a student will be able to access the question he/she is attempting.

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The second screenshot shows the question overview window. The questions overview window has indicators in different colors that represent the status of each question. The color indicators are as follows:

GreenQuestion attempted
RedQuestion skipped or not attempted
PurpleQuestion not attempted and marked for review later
Purple with a TickQuestion attempted but marked for review later
GreyQuestions to be viewed

The third screenshot appears when the student clicks on the ‘Submit’ button on the top right corner of the screen. This window will give the student an overall analysis of the test and an option to either resume test or submit it for analysis.

After the student submits the test, a test summary is generated and made available immediately to the student. The report includes the score achieved, score percentage and question wise analysis and solutions along with subject-wise performance.

The image shown below provides two screen-shot showing the analysis window that the student will get after submitting the test. The first screenshot provides the overall summary report of the test.

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The second screenshot provides question analysis, correct answer and the solution for the attempted test.

Benefits of Taking the Test through National Test Abhyas App

National Test Abhyas App has advanced AI-powered feedback and analytic platform, which provides personalized assessment for each test attempted by the user. The assessment provided are easy to understand and incorporate by the students, which will ensure:

  1. Improve Time Management
  2. Improve Speed and Accuracy
  3. Elimination of careless mistakes
  4. Awareness of Areas of Improvement
  5. Awareness of behavioral issues causing you to lose marks
  6. Insight around test-taking strategies for better scores in the subsequent tests

NTA Abhyas App FAQs

Question 1: Which tests are available on the National Test Abhayas app?
Answer: Currently JEE Main and NEET full syllabus tests are available on National Test Abhayas App.

Question 2: Can I take a test in the Hindi language?
Answer: Tests in Hindi are not available in the National Test Abhayas App at the moment. To attempt the tests available in the Hindi language please visit the link.

Question 3: Can I change my response after answering a question?
Answer: Yes, you can change your response at any time before submitting your test even if the previous answer has been saved.
To change your response, click on the ‘Clear’ button or simply select a new response for that question. Do not forget to click on ‘Save’ after changing your response.

Question 4: Can I view the test instructions again while a test is running?
Answer: Yes, you can switch to the instructions any time during a test by clicking the ‘Instructions’ button on the left panel.

Question 5: Can I navigate to a specific subject in the test?
Answer: Yes, you can navigate to any subject in the test by clicking on the subject name above the question on your test screen.

Question 6: How to submit the test? What is auto-submit?
Answer: In case you run out of time and the test duration is over, the timer goes down to 00:00:00 and the test gets auto-submitted. You can manually submit the test by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button on the top right corner of the screen. We encourage you to utilize the entire duration of the test and review your answers before you submit the test.

Question 7: If the test duration is over, what happens to the questions that have been attempted and marked for review?
Answer: The questions that have been attempted and marked for review are considered as attempted in case of auto submission or manual submission. However, we encourage you to spend your time wisely and reserve time in the end to revisit all answers before submitting it. This will help you reduce your careless mistakes.

Question 8: Is there any specific timing to take a test?
Answer: Tests on the National Test Abhayas App are available 24X7.

Question9: How do I log in to the National Test Abhayas App?
Answer: You can log in to the National Test Abhayas App with your username and password which was used while signing up. The username refers to your email/phone number and must be entered as

Question 10: Will the National Test Abhayas App work on any device size?
Answer: Yes, the App works across all the android mobile devices of any size.

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