NEET Exam Dress Code 2020 : For Boys and Girls | Don’t miss it

NEET Dress Code 2020 ( नीट ड्रेस कोड २०२० ) for male and female candidates : One of the major competitive entrance exam is round the corner.

All those students who worked hard throughout the year will be appearing on the neet exam day to fulfill their dream of becoming a Doctor.

We know, more than 15 lakh students applied for NEET 2020 exam & In this competitive era where a single mark can drop your AIR by margin of several thousands, You don’t want to miss that exam due to a simple dress code.

In this article we will be covering NEET 2020 dress code for male & Female in detail. So that you don’t have to face unnecessary problems at your exam center.

But first of all you must understand,

Why you have to follow a proper Dress code for NEET Exam?

As we mentioned above that more than 1.5 million aspirants registered themselves for the NEET 2020 exam, which make it one of the most competitive exam of the nation.

In recent years, we saw many unfair practices by students where they used many illegal methods in the exam center, So that they can score good marks.

Examination Authorities are very strict against unfair means & therefore you have to follow a particular code of conduct of the exam.

Lets move on to,

NEET exam dress code – Boys/ Male candidates

  • Full sleeve shirt/T-shirt are not allowed, So you must ensure that you wear half sleeve shirt/T-shirt
  • Avoid zip pockets, pockets, big buttons and clothes with elaborate embroidery.
  • Try to wear Trousers and simple pants.
  • Kurta pajama is not allowed.
  • Shoes are strictly prohibited. Instead you should wear sandal/chappal.

Neet 2020 Dress code for boys

Dress code for NEET 2020 for Girls

  • NEET Female Candidates should avoid any kind of Jewellery, pendant, necklace, bracelet etc. As they will get detected by metal detectors and can lead you to unnecessary problems.
  • Just like males, Shoes aren’t allowed instead a female candidate should wear slippers or Sandals. In case you reach you center wearing shoes, You will be asked to give your exam bare footed.
  • No clothes with full arm length sleeves should be worn on the day of examination. Half sleeve clothes must be preferred.
  • Avoid High heels,designer dresses for obvious reasons.
  • Clothes which have elaborate embroidery, flowers, brooches or buttons are also prohibited.

NEET 2020 Dress code for females

NEET 2020 Dress Code – Barred Items

Apart from NEET Dress code for male and females. National Testing Agency has also specified barred items which are strictly prohibited inside the exam hall.

Anyone who will have any of such items in the examination hall will be suspended from the exam and a FIR will be registered against him/her.

See this graphic

Neet 2020 barred items

NEET dress code 2020 – Customary dress

Delhi High court stated that students who follow a certain religion can come in their customary dress.

While filling NEET Registration form a candidate has to specify wether they want to come in a customary dress?

Those who selected yes, are allowed to wear customary dress during the exam.

However, NTA says these type of candidates must reach exam center at least an hour before the commencement of the exam

So that all kind of formalities can be done smoothly.

FAQ Section

Q1:Can We Wear Jeans to the NEET Examination Hall?
Ans: Yes, you can wear Jeans to the NEET Exam 2020. The apparel can be worn by both Male and Female Candidates.

Q2: Is a Tattoo Allowed in the NTA NEET Entrance Test?
Ans: No, tattoos are strictly prohibited while taking the medical exam. ”

Q3: Can I wear a Mehendi or Heena to the exam hall?
Ans: Well, there is no such specification regarding wearing a Mehendi or Heena in the exam. However, you might face a problem while taking the biometric identification. It is because, if the bio-metric identification fails, then you will not be allowed to appear the exam.

Q4: Can I wear Spectacles during the NEET 2020 Exam?
Ans: Yes, you can wear specs during the exam, but the fashionable glasses and sunglasses are not allowed to wear during the exam.

Q5: Can we wear a watch during the NEET Entrance Test?
Ans: No, you cannot wear a watch in the NEET Exam 2020.

Q6: Can a girl wear leggings to the NEET Exam?
Ans: No, you cannot wear a legging to the NEET Examination Hall. However, candidates can wear salwar and trousers for the exam.

The NEET Entrance Exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) has recently replaced the AIIMS and JIPMER Entrance Test. The National Testing Agency is the conducting body of the exam. The Exam takes place online in a single session only. Candidates must check the official website of NEET to get the latest updates and notifications.

Q7:Can a Sikh student wear his traditional kara and kirpan in the exam hall?

And.Yes, you can wear traditional kara and kirpan if you are a Sikh. But you need to report to the exam hall one hour prior to report about the same to the invigilator.

Q8:I am a Muslim girl, observe hijab/burqa. Is that allowed?

Ans.Yes, it is. While filling out the application form, you should select customary dress option. Such candidates must appear one hour prior and inform about the same to the invigilator.

Q9.Is floral printed kurti allowed?

Ans.No, it is not allowed.

Q10:Is legging/churidar allowed?

Ans.No, it is not allowed.

Q11:Can I wear jeans?

Ans.You may wear jeans, but make sure that it is not too fashionable. Should be simple.

Q12:What happens if I fail to follow dress code?

Ans.If you fail to abide by the NEET dress code, as per your violation, action shall be taken. You will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.

Q13:I am diabetic, can I take my tablet?

Ans.In case you are diabetic, you would be allowed certain tablets under strict provision.

Q14.Can I take my water bottle?

Ans.No, you are not allowed to carry your bottle.

Q15:Is a pen allowed?

Ans.No, pens are not allowed. Once you enter the exam hall and take your allotted seats, the invigilator will provide you with your pen.

Q.16As metallic things are not allowed, I wear braces on my teeth. Will I be allowed to appear for NEET?

Ans.Yes, you will certainly be allowed to take up the exam. But, you will have to appear atleast 30 minutes prior and explain your condition to the examiner.

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