Physics subject is sometimes a nightmare for NEET students. The most fearful subject that a student prepare for NEET exam is physics. Most of the NEET Aspirants have developed a habit of cramming everything. This approach may help them in NEET Biology & Chemistry but not in NEET Physics.

When you try to study Physics without having any practical edge, concepts and imagination. The subject itself turns into a Nightmare.

In this article, we will add some Physics shortcuts for NEET 2020. Which will help you to excel in your physics exam.

How to study physics for NEET/AIIMS

Physics shortcuts/TIPS for NEET 2020

  • Try to solve maximum questions from your coaching module/question bank.
  • Give more time to problem-solving rather than Notes/Chapter reading.
  • Try to enrol in a test series.  Enrolling in a test series will keep your syllabus running.
  • Whenever you revise a Physics Chapter. Try to make a formula sheet
  • During last days of preparation use those formula sheets to revise whole chapter at once,
  • Use Physics short notes to save your time. Use that time in Physics problem-solving.

Physics Score Predictor Tool for NEET 2020

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