Should I take a Drop for NEET?

Should I take a Drop for NEET?

One of the toughest decision that a candidate of NEET exam has to take is should I take a drop for NEET?

Now that the NEET 2019 Results have been announced, many candidates who have appeared this year and they were unable to score much must be having this question,

“Should I take a year drop for NEET 2020?“.

Well, it is indeed one tough question for which the aspirants have to answer to themselves. Sometimes, taking a drop goes well for some students

and sometimes, it doesn’t go well for them.

Read this article written by our team which will help you to decide whether to take a drop for NEET 2020 or not.

Is Taking a year drop for NEET 2019 – Worth it?

You worked day and night for NEET 2019, you solved MCQ’s, attempted question papers, Did well in test series.

But unfortunately,

Due to this year marks vs rank inflation, you missed your MBBS seat due to very high rank/cutoff.

Now that the results are out, the question haunting the minds of the students must be “Will I crack the exam if I prepare with full dedication next year?”,”

What if I am not able to perform and get the college of my choice”.

It definitely carries some risk which the aspirants have to understand. It’s not a piece of cake at all

To answer this we have a look at both the sides of the coin.

This might help you to decide what future course of action must be taken for NEET 2020?

who should drop for NEET?

NEET is conducted for admissions to the MBBS and dental colleges across India approved by Medical Council of India (MCI) and Dental Council of India (DCI) respectively.

There may be many reasons as to why you couldn’t have got the marks which you have expected.

Let’s try to analyse whether your decision for a drop year will be beneficial or not?

Reason 1: The NEET exam is conducted right after the 12th board exams. There is very less time for the twelthies to prepare themselves for the NEET exam.

Hence there is a double pressure on the student to perform well in the board exams and as well as to prepare for NEET. 

Many students, in order to perform well in the Board exam, they are unable to concentrate on the preparation of NEET and hence students are not able to do well in the NEET exam.

  • Should I take a drop or not: In the above scenario taking a drop is a good decision. Provided that you are dedicated towards MBBS/BDS/other courses via NEET. If you are sure that you have to become a doctor only. Then most probably you will excel in the NEET Exam.

Reason 2: You were determined to study for the  NEET 2019 Exam but didn’t give your best for the preparation and lacked somewhere.

It means, Either your concepts were not clear, or you didn’t do enough practice was done for the exam, & you didn’t understand the level of seriousness of the exam and hence not prepared accordingly.

  • Whether to take a drop or not: This is a very tough scenario. Now the things is Will you prepare this year with the utmost seriousness which was lacking last year?

How will I now clear those concepts which were not cleared before?

You have to take this decision very seriously. It depends on your seriousness only. If you are serious then go for the drop.

Work on the areas, which were lacking last year.

Reason 3: You started off well in the beginning, preparing with full dedication and motivation day and night.

But towards the end of the NEET preparation days, you got distracted towards the social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook etc,

  • Whether to take a drop or not: If you come under this category, you really have to first answer a few questions,” Do I have that passion in me to become a doctor?”,” Can I keep myself away from these distractions to make my dream come true?”.

Well, It’s very important for you to analyse yourself. If you now accepted your mistake & you promise yourself that you will bounce back. Then surely going for a drop year will be beneficial.

But remember; it’s up to your dedication. If you lagged again you may end up in an even worse situation.

Reason 4: You did well in NEET exam, but you missed your selection by a few marks. Mind you, Its very disheartening.

You are extremely near to your goal.

  • Whether to take a drop or not: A big yes! You missed the selection by 10-20 marks. This means you know the concepts and syllabus very well.

Most of the students in this situation face a depressing condition because they missed their dream by a few points.

Control yourself; Give yourself another chance. There is a good chance that you will do well.


What should you do in your drop year?

There are a few points which will help you in your drop year. These points are as below

  • Droppers do very well in the NEET exam. This is the fact and you must know that. Don’t think that we are failures. There are many examples for NEET droppers who did exceptionally well after their drop year.
  • We heavily suggest you; join any reputed test series. These test series will help you to keep your preparation pace in the right manner
  • Read only the materials which are necessary for your exam. Don’t run for many books. Rather, select any one book and repeatidly study from it. We suggest you : use a good coaching institutes module which has the only necessary information for your main exam.
  • All about notes also provide chapterwise free study materials. Link is given below

Physics Notes

Chemistry Notes

Biology Notes

  • Get updated with the NEET / AIIMS entrance news for major changes in the exam.
  • Solve previous years papers. It will give you an idea about the exact exam pattern you have to follow to succeed in NEET examination.
  • Read NCERT very seriously. Over the years we noted that, Exams like NEET & AIIMS focuses more on NCERT content. If your NCERT portion is strong, we believe you already excelled 80% of the paper.

NEET / AIIMS Mock papersclick here


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