Students should not take any wrong step under the stress of examination, adopt Happiness course to conquer the stress

Students should not take any wrong step under the stress of examination, adopt Happiness course to conquer the stress

Tests for the tenth and twelfth have begun. In such a situation, students are afraid of examinations. The competition to get ahead with stiff competition has filled the students with untimely fatigue and boredom.

The fierce competition has changed the mood of the examinations. The nature of exams that shake confidence has created an atmosphere of pressure that has resulted in incidents such as self-exacerbation of frustration and disappointment among students.

4.5% of India’s population suffering from acute depression: According to an estimate, about 4.5% of India’s population is currently suffering from the highest level of depression ie ‘acute depression’. One-quarter of teens between the ages of 13 and 15 suffer from depression. According to a report by the World Health Organization, about 86 million people in South-East Asia are vulnerable to the disease. India has the highest suicide rate among the ten Southeast Asian countries.

Happiness curriculum: In such a situation there is an increased need for a Hapenis cariculum or a happy course. Due to its merits, it is at the center of discussion nowadays. Happiness, or happiness, is a mental state that is considered a measure of superior performance in any field. A happy person is considered productive not only for his family or society but also for the development of the nation.

Perception about examinations: Recent data suggests that thousands of students have committed suicide due to a sense of guilt and guilt arising from failure in examinations.

The increasing exam pressure has taken many lives. In fact, the way the coaching institutes generate examination examinations, it shows pure professionalism, while parents also do not fail to show exaggeration about it.


Today, in the age of playing and living full of joy, children bear the burden of examinations.

In fact, under the well-being curriculum, youth are given the opportunity to get out of the virtual world, to mingle in the real world, to share their feelings with teachers and friends, and to develop a positive attitude in behavior.

Special attention is also given to practical skills including holistic contemplation, yoga, meditation, entertainment based activities.

A pleasant atmosphere, supportive attitude of friends and colleagues and positive thinking are considered some effective steps to get a person out of moments of depression.

Keeping this in mind, the National Curriculum and Educational Framework has issued guidelines for concurrently accepting the Happiness curriculum in all schools.

Unlike traditional education, school education is adversely affecting the delicate minds of students with its heavy curriculum and thick books. The burden of the course has left her childhood untimely. His natural mood is disappearing under the influence of a monotonous and boring education system. Childhood is facing a heavy burden of school tests, projects and classroom work.

The competitive pressure of teachers and parents is snatching their comfortable childhood from the students. The timing of sports and other creative activities is being capped in the name of a huge syllabus.

The impractical syllabus has created a network of depression, irritability and tension around the students which has turned into an impregnable fortress. There is a need to break into this fort of tension.

Apparently the Happiness Cariculum will act like an armamentarium which penetrates the strong fortress of depression and tension to set the foundation for a bright future.

Positive Results: The states which have given preference to the school curriculum are producing positive results from there. Parents are openly accepting that their children are undergoing changes due to the happiness curriculum. This course can play an important role in dealing with increasing marks pressure on students from both teachers and parents. It is clear that students will be able to learn through this that life is not just a race of numbers, but an art of learning from experiences.


In order to create a depression-free generation, the happiness course has to be implemented at the basic levels of education so that the tendency of students to be happy can easily take root.

The increasing tension, frustration, frustration and aggression in the present circumstances have emphasized the acceptance of the Happiness Curriculum in schools concurrently.

This tool, which is capable of fighting the challenges in life, will not only help in the recovery from distressed situations, but also in terms of mental health.

This curriculum based on mental and physical activities focuses on holistic thinking tradition and meditation style, through which children will be able to move towards a golden tomorrow and a prosperous future, because childhood is blossoming in a prosperous world that can become the strong cornerstone of a happy nation.

Usually, before the start of the board examination, a large number of students get stressed due to several reasons. Parents also live in Pasopesh many times. Many times students also take wrong steps.

A big reason for this is due to the marks coming in the exam and the career in the future. In such a situation, stress can be reduced in the students through Happiness course.

The need for this is that students should be allowed to live in their natural form and the mental burden should not be increased much by age.

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