5 Proven Study Hacks that can improve your memory

5 Proven Study Hacks that can improve your memory

It is believed that our brain can store information up to 2.5 Petabytes when used with full efficiency. Unfortunately, it’s not practical at all.

but What if we tell you that there are some awesome study hacks that you can implement in your daily routine and hence you can improve your memory.

These study hacks are based on various scientific researches and we are every sure that upon implementing these hacks you will be able to improve your grades. At least we hope so  

So let us look at them in detail.

  1. Portable Study Place helps

How to study like a pro

It is a proven fact that changing your study place from time to time increases your studying efficiency.

According to theceugroup changing your study space will help your brain to retrieve the same information in different places and therefore your brain will see that information as more useful and worth holding onto.

In other sense, Studying at the same place for a long time can create a fatigue effect on your brain which is nullified by porting your study space.

2. Don’t neglect the Forgetting curve

Forgetting curve is basically a hypothesis that gives you an idea about average memory retention. This curve shows how that retained information is lost from your brain when a person doesn’t revise that info again.

The forgetting curve

From the above graph of the forgettable curve (SOURCE). It is clearly visible that upon repetition or revision of that particular information on a regular basis helps you to conquer the forgetting curve. Students must understand that they should revise their study materials on a regular basis to avoid getting it completely erased from your brain

3. Mnemonic is the new cool

Have you ever tried to learn something by converting it into a mnemonic?

If not, then try it today.

According to a research published by the International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature, Australian International Academic Centre, Australia. The average retention rate of the students has increased from73.6% to 82.5% when they used mnemonics to learn.


So, next time whenever you find difficulty in cramming something. Try this mnemonic method. It really works.

4. Use Short Notes Technique (Flash Cards)

Whenever you read a topic for the first time, You understand that topic thoroughly but while revising you don’t need to burn your oil again by reading it to the full extent.

To save your time and energy flashcards Technique (Short Notes) comes into place. Acadboost has a wonderful article for JEE and NEET students on this topic. Check out their article and get to know how to make simple short notes that work.

short notes

Allaboutnotes has a collection of quality short notes for NEET-UG preparations, You can Select your subject and start downloading it for free from the link provided to you below:

5. Listen to soothing music

It is a well know fact that listening to music can increases your overall efficiency. This works while studying as well.

A good Music helps your brain to release a feel good  hormone known as dopamine.

Released dopamine act as neuroinhibitor creating a sense of good feeling.

Music help.in studying


So students, get your earphones on and start listening to some good music.

Remember, don’t just over this technique. Using headphones for a long time can be harmful for your ears and brain.

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