Will cutoff increase in NEET 2021?

NEET 2021 expected cutoff is something which depends on various factors. There’s is no such method which can accurately predict NEET 2021 Cutoff.

Nevertheless, there are some factors which can give us some idea regarding the question ; will cutoff increase in NEET 2021 again? 

Let’s just talk about neet cut off 2021 factors in details.

1. Number of appearing students

NEET exam is getting tougher and tougher to crack day by day, A major factor for this is ever increasing NEET aspirants each year. As of now there is no age/attempt limit whatsoever, Therefore every year we see more and more dropper each year fighting for their dream.

No doubt, NEET 2021 cut off for government colleges can again increase as the students appearing in 2021 will be much higher than 2020.

2. Exam Difficulty

One thing is very clear with the approach of National Testing agency (NTA) that they will be setting an easy paper.

Cut off for NEET 2020 increased drastically because of such reason. As per the previous standard of a national level Medical entrance exam, NEET 2020 was on a easier side.

This year too, You can expect a similar kind of trend from NTA.

More aspirants plus easier level of paper means expected cutoff of neet 2021 will again increase drastically.

3. Time For Preparation

From the last year’s experience, It is very clear that extra time means higher competition.

This year too,  It will reflect in your neet 2021 cut off marks, As exams like NEET, JEE & boards has been shifted forward due to CoVid.

Students are getting extra time for preparation of their exam & it is expected that cut off marks for neet 2021 will shown an upward trend again.

4. Pattern of the examination

This year a lot of things has changed. First of all reduction in syllabus from the board exams, Now examination pattern of JEE got a slight change. It is also expected that NEET exam will also have a new examination pattern.

If we follow the trend followed in JEE Exam, Students will be given choices in questions subjective numerical section. You can attempt any 5 questions out of the given 10 questions.

It is expected that NEET will also have such pattern.

This is done because CBSE boards reduced their syllabus drastically but NTA didn’t. They are rather giving you choices in attempting questions. Due to these choices NEET Aspirants will have a good chance to score high marks.

Here also an upward trend can be expected in comparison to last year neet cut off.

4. Resources for aspirants

In 2020 it was believed that COVID pandemic will have a negative affect in the performance of Neet aspirants but against the flow of river, NEET aspirants performed really well in 2020.

Better resources availability is the reason. Platforms like Youtube, Unacademy, Allaboutnotes has helped students to exel in their preparation (even in the lockdown).

In the meantime Government launched its own Exam testing app, National test abhyas

In the year 2021 too, You will see this factor playing a vital role in increasing neet cut off 2021 for mbbs.

Conclusion on NEET 2021 Cutoff

First of all you don’t neet to get distressed. Cutoff is expected to increase again.

This is a reality!

You have to work on your basics, Try to improve your speed and accuracy. Use free online resources like Free online test series for NEET by allaboutnotes and give yourself a chance to stay ahead of  MBBS cut off 2021

NTA Abhyas Test Paper PDF download JEE Mains 1 to last (Printable)

Final words on expected neet cut off 2021

As per the trends NEET 2021 cutoff will increase again.

Our expectations may be totally wrong. As we mentioned above, No one can actually predict about future. 

Just keep calm and focus on your preparations.

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