Will neet 2020 be further postponed after 26 july? Yes or No

No, As of now NEET 2020 isn’t going to get further postponed after 26th July.

Recently MHRD and NTA officially announced that they will be conducting NEET 2020 exam on 26th of July.

In addition to this our MHRD minister, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal mentioned that the National Testing agency (NTA) will be taking required measures for social distancing at the examination centers.

Also, it is confirmed that ; Total number of examination center will be doubled & agency will try to allot the nearest center to aspirants.

But there is still an ambiguity for NEET 2020 examination? & people are discussing : will neet be further postponed after 26 July?

The reason for all these uncertainty is the increasing number of COVID – 19 cases in India.

It is predicted that ; India will attain its peak for COVID cases at the end of July with actual figures hovering in crores.

These numbers seems to be very alarming & no one wants to step out from their homes in such conditions.

Some Twitter hashtags are used by students to attract the attention of concerned agencies on this matter.

Will NEET 2020 be further postponed? (Government Stand)

No official announcement has been made by any government official on this matter.

However, Government of India seems to be very clear on their approach. They are working on their infrastructure to fight against this pandemic.

Following measures have been taken for NEET 2020 students on the exam day :

  • Doubling the number of exam centers.
  • Doubling the number of staffs for these exam centers.
  • Arrangements for social distancing.
  • Nearest centre allocation to reduce the number of overall movement on the exam day.
  • Dedicated Public transportation for students.

And many more.

So, Government is trying their level best to conduct NEET & JEE on their schedule without any postponement.

Officials say’s :  COVID isn’t going to Dissapear in near future. Therefore, it is important that we learn to live with this disease.

So, we advice students to focus on their preparations.

In any case, Government announces any change in NEET 2020 schedule. We will update you on the allaboutnotes platform.

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