Will neet 2020 be tough? Complete Analysis

Will neet 2020 be tough? Complete Analysis

We are expecting moderate level questions in the NEET 2020 exam. The difficulty level of NEET can’t be predicted in advance, as it varies every year. It’s a common myth among medical aspirants that the NEET exam gets tougher every year. NEET 2020 can be tough or easier than in 2019 and previous years. As a NEET aspirant, it’s not good to worry about these things during the preparation.

We said this because we analyzed previous year’s National Eligibility Entrance Exam papers and the conclusion was :

The year 2017 – Exam difficulty From Easy to Moderate

The year 2018 – Exam difficulty – From Modern to Difficult

The year 2019 – Exam difficulty – Easy

By this trend we can clearly see that difficulty of NEET Exam has mostly been b/w Easy to moderate.

NEET 2020 will be tough or easy? after JIPMER & AIIMS Included in NEET

We are expecting the same trend to be followed for NEET 2020. i.e NEET 2020 difficulty level could be b/w easy to moderate

Even though AIIMS and JIPMER are included in NEET UG 2020.

We believe,

Difficulty level of NEET exam won’t increase drastically. So keep calm and just focus on your preparations.

It’s all about Relative Performance.

Easy or difficult, it won’t matter. It’s not about marks, It’s about your All India Rank.

Everything is relative!

If paper is tough, it is tough for everyone and vice versa.

How tough will be NEET 2020 – Will Assertion-Reason exam come in NEET 2020 :


NTA director has already mentioned that all 180 questions in NEET 2020 will be Multiple Choice based.

No A-R based questions will be asked in the exam.

Here’s a video by Sunil Nain Sir from Bewise Classes. In this video they explained each and every point in detail.

You can watch this video for further clarification