Will NEET Get Postponed Again After 13 September?

Will NEET Get Postponed Again After 13 September?

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  • Post published:August 13, 2020
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Will Neet Get postponed again after 13 september?

Amid this Covid-19 pandemic the mental health of students already has become a roller coaster. With each passing week the biggest question will NEET get postponed again after 13 September has already become a trend on twitter.

The NEET (NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY ENTRANCE TEST) Exam which is scheduled to be conducted on September 13 is again seems little uncertain as the majority wants it to be deferred .

As per reports a group of parent’s and students file a petition in supreme court to postponed the exam as the number of corona virus cases are increasing consistently while an another parent body has also moved to the court and file a plea so that scheduled exams should not be postponed further.


If you are a practical person you should think it in that way we all know as an average 50000 cases are reported in India on regular basis and we all know the actual number is far greater than that and the Center and court knows what are the real numbers. It seems a very uphill task for government to conduct these exams successfully

Timesnownews.com conducted a poll on this , a 12,672 people participate in the poll and of the total, 87 % wants it to get postponed.

Shivam Goswami ,In a coversation with allaboutnotes.com who is Taking NEET Exam Third time says , he is afraid that if he get captured by the virus he will put his family in risk .

Similar points are covered by Sunil Nain Sir from Bewise classes. You can watch this video to know a little more about his perspective


While The Grass is greener on the other side , some states including Kerala government begins preparation for the NEET Exam.The department decided that the students who are coming from the containment zones will get separate examination centre and same for the students who are under quarantine .

A special training would also be provided to the invigilator.

In the nutshell the Centre and state seems ready to conduct the exam while majority of students don’t want to come outside and risk their life .

Amid this chaos the final decision will be taken by SUPREME COURT . The Next Date Of hearing is Scheduled On August 14

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