Will neet postponed due to coronavirus? Any Chances

Will neet postponed due to coronavirus? Any Chances

NEET, a single national level medical entrance exam of India has now become a matter of talk.

Many students first speculated NEET postpone due to delhi Riots and now they are talking about will neet postponed due to coronavirus?

These ambiguous news are creating restlessness in mind of students who are preparing for NEET 2020 & somehow these are hampering there concentration.


As a responsible platform, We believe there is still a sense in this question!

Let’s dig deeper in it.

Can NEET exam be postponed due to Corona virus​?

Yes, it can be postponed ( But NO OFFICIAL STATEMENT Released by any Exam Authority yet )

Why we are saying this?

Recently, You have heard about the news in which Delhi govt declares coronavirus an epidemic, cinema halls, schools and colleges shut till March 31

So basically,

This disease has been called epidemic & its spreading in an exponential phase.

Corona virus outbreak

Government of India called of a Red alert for this situation and they have banned any kind of huge public gathering so that this disease can be Postponed.

Therefore you would have saw many news like

IPL 2020, Various government official meetings, Rallies & Board exams postponed to avoid spreading of Corona Virus.

Again we would like to make it clear that there’s no news of NEET Exam being postponed due to corona Virus


If this virus got spread in more areas, Government of India will forcefully have to stop all kinds of public gatherings & it could result in change in NEET exam date as well.

We will wish that Corona doesn’t spread in more areas.

As, we are second most populated country in the world.

Outburst of this disease can be catastrophic for our country and its economy.

Stay strong, Stay safe & Use precautions against this virus.

Allaboutnotes wishes you Best of luck with your preparations.


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